How to Make Reservation
1. Confirm the Airport:
Please confirm arrival or departure airport for your flight, Shanghai Pudong Airport or Shanghai Hongqiao Airport ?
2. Choose the Vehicle:
We provide different size vehicle, please choose the vehicle as your pax number and luggage number.
3. Fill in the Form:
Please fill in your arrival or departure details and the contact passenger details. If you make the booking for others, please fill in the lead name in the last text.
4. Done the Payment:
After you fill in the form, please make the payment by PayPal, then your booking will be confirmed, and we will send you final confirmation within 12 hours. If you want to pay on spot, please let me know in the last text when you fill in the form.
Shanghai Transportation
  1. Pudong Airport Shuttle Bus
  2. Hongqiao Airport Shuttle Bus
  3. Long-distance Coaches
  4. Shanghai Subway Line 2
  5. Shanghai Subway Line 10
  6. Maglev Train
  7. Shanghai Taxi
Shanghai Tours
Shanghai Classic Day Tour A
--from USD80 per person!
Shanghai Classic Day Tour B
--from USD70 per person!
Shanghai Classic Day Tour C
--from USD60 per person!
Shanghai Classic Day Tour D
--from USD100 per person!
Mobile Cards
  1. You could book a China local mobile cards from us, make an easier and cheaper calls with each other when you travel in China and you could also visit internet by your mobile at anywhere. [More Details..]>
China Cell Phone Rental
iPhone Rental Fee:
First Week $80 Additional Day $8/day [More..]>
China Transfers Query